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Das Regional Forum Saar des itSMF Deutschland e.V. lädt zu einer kostenfreien Online-Veranstaltung ein.

Am 24.3.2021 ab 16:30

Weitere Informationen in unserem Blogbeitrag:

Online Veranstaltung am 24.3.2021 ab 16:30 Arbeitsplatz Homeoffice im Service Management – Service Management Forum – Blog (itsmf.blog)

International Service Management Days 2021 am 23-24 März

To register, visit:

Service Management Days, a first in our global community: an entirely virtual, global service management conference, hosted by itSMF International and our member chapters!

Be part of the excitement, the sharing, the networking as we unite Service Management Practitioners Around the Globe!

Conference Schedule

As you can imagine, creating a global conference is challenging due to the “follow the sun” nature of the event. There will be a 10am Keynote in 4 areas of the globe: NY, London, Sydney and Bangalore, which translates to two “prime time” keynotes in most areas. Breakout tracks will be held at the times shown for New York, London, Sydney or Bangalore.

Register for the Event

One of the joys of this event is that courtesy of our sponsors, we are able to offer FREE participation to any who wish to attend. Registration is open!

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